Hard Hand

Blackjack has some unique names for the hands that can be dealt. The first type of hand is the hard hand. This type of hand is basically any hand that doesn't have an Ace in it, or a hand in which the Ace is played so that it doesn't count as the typical 11 points.

Soft hands are then defined as hands that do contain an Ace card. A soft hand is more beneficial, of course, but has a separate way to be played when compared to playing a hard hand. Finally, a stiff hand is a hand that is on the verge of going over the 21 point mark. This means that they have the highest risk of going over, or busting.

How to Play a Hard Hand

If you are given a hard hand, it is best to assume that the dealer has a 10 point card. The reason why this is a safe bet is because there are three face cards in each deck, each of them worth 10 points. On top of that, you get the actual ten cards too.

  • If you take those numbers and multiply them by four, one for each suit, you can easily see why there is a great chance that the dealer has a 10 point card. On the other hand, there is a high probability that you will also draw a 10 point card if you decide to take a hit. Make sure you take that into consideration when you are playing Blackjack.
  • If you manage to combine an Ace with a 10 point card, you'll get a natural Blackjack. These are the most beneficial for the player because they are paid three to two instead of the standard one to one. Although natural Blackjacks are rare, you can be rewarded very well for them.
  • Five point cards can be the most bothersome, because they can cause you to go over if you take a hit. To put it simply, the odds of winning Blackjack would increase dramatically simply if the 5 cards were taken out of the deck. However, the addition of the card is beneficial for the casino. Make sure you are aware of your odds when you play Blackjack, so you don't get taken advantage of.

Of course, the best way to increase your odds is to count cards. This strategy will help you be aware of what cards are left along with what card you may get if you take a hit. Regardless of what you do or how you play, make sure you are confident with your choice. Know how to play your hands so that you can adjust your style accordingly.