Blackjack Guide: Learn How To Play Black Jack

The history of blackjack is quite interesting. It all has begun in 1440 when the first deck of cards appeared. It consisted of 50 cards. Naturally, that with the appearing of cards many card games was invented. Blackjack was one of them and was a mixture of several Italian and French games with their common features. That's how it firstly was called Twenty-One. Learn how to play black jack with our tutorial given below.

The History of Appearing Blackjack

In America this game appeared in 1880, though it wasn't very popular for the first time due to huge popularity of other games. That's why to attract people casinos began to offer bonuses to players such as the payout 10:1for the combinations of Ace and a black jack. Soon this combination was called Black Jack and the game as well.

Nowadays Blackjack is very popular game, especially online Blackjack. The only one uneasiness was the difference in rules in different casinos. They provide the system with different number of decks.

Rules and goals of the game

Most players are truly believed that the main goal of the game is to score 21. Though the main objective was and will always be - to beat the dealer. In case if you win the payout will be 1:1, the exception is Blackjack with the payout in 3:2.

Also to know the goal of the game isn't the high-priority, blackjack demands special knowledge and strategies. Learn how to play black jack and use its strategies to perfect your skills.

You must remember that blackjack is a counting game. Each card has its own value. Cards from 2-10 has a value indicated on the card, face cards are counted as 10's, Aces can be counted both 11 and 1, depending on what value is better for you. If by the end of the game your hand is closer to 21 but not over it and dealers' hand busts and yours don't - you win.

The Course of the Game

The game started when you've made your bets and the dealer deals two cards to himself and to every player. One of the dealer's cards is always dealt facedown and another card dealt face up. As long as players are playing against the dealer it doesn't matter how their cards are dealt - face up or down. There is one advantage you should know as a player of blackjack. It's all about dealers' options. He always must hit on 16 or lower and stand on 17 or higher. Remember that and build your strategy on the value of his open card.

Always play the game properly and you could beat the dealer. But before you visit any casino determine the amount of money you are ready to lose or win. Have a look through important tips across the Internet to help yourself formulate a wide image about the game you've chosen. Because the better you learn how to play black jack the higher chances for winning you'll have.